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Flower Information


Annual Flowers (HO-65)

Geraniums for Kentucky Gardens (HO-26)

Guide for Control for Annual and Perennial Flower and Ground Cover Diseases in the Landscape (ID-87)

Low Maintenance Annual Flowers and Kentucky Gardens (HO-47)


Spring, Summer, and Fall Bulbs (HO-80)

Tulips and their Care (HO-35)


Guide for Control of Annual and Perennial Flower and Ground Cover Diseases in the Landscape (ID-87)

Perennials for Shady Locations (HO-77)

Perennials for Sunny Locations (HO-76)


Starting Plants from Seed at Home (HO-56)

Fruit Information


Disease and Insect Control Programs for Home Grown Fruit in Kentucky Including Organic Alternatives (ID-21)

Fruit Insects Calendar for Kentucky

Home Fruit Variety Recommendations - 2000

Small Fruit

Anthracnose of Bramble Fruits (PPA-32)

Black Rot of Grapes (PPA-27)

Grape Insects (ENTFACT-208)

Growing Grapes in Kentucky (ID-126)

Growing Highbush Blueberries in Kentucky (HO-60)

Rednecked and Raspberry Cane Borers (ENTFACT-209)

Strawberry Pests (ENTFACT-207)


European Red Mite (ENTFACT-205)

Nut Weevils (ENTFACT-206)

Pecan Insects (ENTFACT-210)

Tree Fruit

Apple Scab (PPA-24)

Bagging Apples: Alternative Pest Management for Hobbyists (ENTFACT-218)

Cherry Fruit Flies (ENTFACT-217)

Codling Moth (ENTFACT-203)

European Red Mite (ENTFACT-205)

Fire Blight (PPA-34)

Green Fruit Worms (ENTFACT-214)

Leafrollers (ENTFACT-216)

Lesser Peachtree Borer (ENTFACT-213)

Oriental Fruit Moth (ENTFACT-212)

Peach Cultivar Performance (HO-6)

Peachtree Borer (ENTFACT-200)

Plum Curculio (ENTFACT-202)

Rust Diseases of Apple (PPA-23)

San Jose Scale (ENTFACT-204)

Houseplant Insect Control

Flowering Plants

Flowering Plants for Homes and Offices (HO-51)

Large Plants

Large Plants for Homes and Offices (HO-52)


Starting Plants from Seed at Home (HO-56)

Houseplant insects



Home Landscape IPM

Improving Yard and Garden Care (ID-62)

Landscape Insects Calendar for Kentucky


Principles of Home Landscape Fertilization (ID-72)


Home Lawn Irrigation (ID-79)

Vegetable Information

Cover Crops

Winter Cover Crops for Kentucky Gardens and Fields (ID-113)


Bacterial Spot of Pepper and Tomato (PPA-15)

Bean Diseases (PPA-13)

Tomato Wilt Problems (PPA-19)


Starting Plants from Seeds at Home (HO-56)

Woody Plant Information


Guidelines for Choosing Hedges for Kentucky Yards (HO-55)

Trees and Shrubs

Anthracnose Diseases of Shade Trees (PPA-17)

The Flowering Crabapple (ID-68)

The Flowering Dogwood (ID-67)

Fire Blight (PPA-34)

How Dry Seasons Affect Landscape Plants (ID-89)

Iron Deficiency of Landscape Plants (ID-84)

Needle Cast Diseases of Conifers (ID-85)

Pruning Landscape Trees (HO-45)

Shade Tree Decline and Related Problems (ID-50)

Transplanting Trees and Shrubs (ID-80)

Trees, Shrubs, Ground Covers and Vines Suitable for Kentucky Landscapes (HO-61)

Twig, Branch and Stem Diseases of Pine (PPA-16)

Verticillium Wilt of Woody Ornamentals (PPA-18)

Woody Plant Disease Control Guide for Kentucky (ID-88)

Turfgrass and Lawn information

General Turf

Lawn Establishment in Kentucky (AGR-50)

Renovating Kentucky Bluegrass and Fescue Lawns (AGR-51)

Selecting the Right Grass for your Kentucky Lawn (AGR-52)

Lawn Fertilization in Kentucky (AGR-53)

Mowing, Dethatching and Watering Kentucky Lawns (AGR-54)

Turf Care Calendar (AGR-55)

Weed Control Recommendations for Bluegrass and Tall Fescue (AGR-78)

Lawn Irrigation (AGR-115)

Principles of Home Landscape Fertilizing (ID-72)

Home Lawn Irrigation (ID-79)

Managing Mole Problems in Kentucky (FOR-42)

Bermudagrass Control/Suppression in Cool-Season Turf

Insects and Disease

General Insects and Disease



Plant Bugs and Lacebugs


Insecticides for control of white grubs in Kentucky turfgrass

Yard wasps

Controlling White Grubs in Turfgrass (ENT-10)

Earthworms: Thatch Busters (EntFa-402)

Insecticides for the Control of White Grubs in Kentucky Bluegrass Turf (EntFa-441)

Disease Management in the Home Lawn (ID-105)

Periodical cicadas in Kentucky

Southern pine beetle

Bagworms on landscape plants

Spider mites on landscape plants

Borers that attack landscape pines

Pine sawflies

Common sapfeeding pine insects

Elm leaf beetles


Plant bugs and lace bugs

Maple petiole borer

Yellow poplar weevil

Box Elder twig borer

Eastern tent caterpillar

Tent caterpillars

European gypsy moth

Taxus mealybug



Clover mites

Hackberry psyllids

Greenhouse Information

General Information

Greenhouse Insect Management

Shade Trees

General Shade Trees

Some common shade tree galls

Common oak galls

Common maple galls

Cottony maple scale

Euonymus scale

Juniper scale

Lecanium scale

Elm Leaf Beetles

Magnolia scale

Obscure scale

Oystershell scale

Tuliptree scale

Walnut scale